about us

Expert in import-export for large French retailers and specialty stores, Euroceramic has for more than several years, been specialized in marketing table and dinnerware products.

Initially our company specialized in the resale of ceramic products; we have over the years developed to respond to market developments and technological innovations. Euroceramic offers today a wide range of trendy products and an innovative range of diversified materials, among others silicone, porcelain, glass, plastic, aluminum, wood or stainless steel.

Our daily goal is to offer quality products at competitive prices. To do this, we carefully select our suppliers around the world by promoting long-term business relationships. We work with Portugal, Romania, India and China and negotiate directly with these suppliers.

Each product is tested before being marketed to prevent potential health and safety problems but also to assess product quality and durability.

Corporate citizen, Euroceramic puts special emphasis on environmental compliances by fostering recyclable or recycled products, and we pledge to only work with suppliers who respect our strict human values.